Dress for success

Always dress for the job you aspire to. Once you get it, dress for the next job you want. Don’t dress for your peers or you may be stuck with them forever waiting for that promotion.

Dress for Success

  • Dress professionally from head to toe for the job and the company you are aspiring to. If you are unsure about how to dress (formal vs. business casual), you can never go wrong if you aim for a bit more formal to be on the safe side. It’s best to err on the side of caution. You may want to check with HR to get a feel for the dress code of the office. Casual Friday jeans is not an option for interviewing.

  • Our world is becoming more informal. Being aware of what is customary is key. Attire is part of the culture of the organization and accepted business attire differs dramatically depending on tradition, leadership style, climate/geographic location, type and size of organization.
  • Consider reading articles or books on dressing for success when job hunting.
  • Depending on the position and the organization, you may consider investing in a “power outfit” that is appropriate, professional, and, most importantly, comfortable. If you do purchase a new outfit, give it a test run before the day of the interview, so you are not surprised at the last minute. Your “power outfit” could range from business suit to mountain ski parka. Be sure to know before you invest.
  • Speaking of comfort, investing in comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the occasion is worth it. If your new shoes aren’t comfortable, you most likely will not be on top of your game. Also, you may look great in a new outfit, but scuffed, worn-looking shoes speak volumes about your appearance.
  • Fragrances and ‘bling’ have a lot in common. A little can go a long way. Don’t overdo on either, or you may want to consider foregoing the fragrance altogether.
  • People may not notice when you are put together but they absolutely notice when you aren’t.