Candid Advice from Professional Recruiters


Learn from our experts:

  • Handling disappointment like a leader
  • General dos and don’ts that make or break your chances for success
  • The importance of attitude
  • Showcasing your contributions
  • Developing an intentional career path
  • How to use networking for opportunities
  • The importance of knowing yourself and what you really want
  • How to evaluate organizations and opportunities
  • The importance of culture when seeking a position
  • Importance of having an excellent résumé
  • Matching your résumé to your skills and interests
  • How to Improve your résumé, references and social media
  • Being prepared for every step of the search process from start to finish
  • Increasing your success with video and in-person interviews
  • Reducing stress
  • Presenting yourself in the best light
  • Specific step by step advice