1-Way Recorded Interview Consultation


Dan Sprinkle ADK Website 2020

Select and complete a Question Set.

You will be contacted by Dan Sprinkle, A.A.E. to set up a 30 minute discussion about your video.

Please allow several business days for Dan to review your video.

He will provide positive and constructive feedback to help you improve. Dan and our team members review thousands of videos interviews and know what dos and don’ts make or break an interview.

We have seen people develop their presentation skills dramatically with this type of  practice. Getting professional feedback speeds up your learning curve and gives you peace of mind.

About Dan: Dan is a big people person and believes in building strong and long-lasting relationships through open and honest collaboration, creative listening and understanding the big picture for everyone involved. He encourages and practices continuous improvement and has a successful career in negotiating through difficult situations. His passion is helping people, and his goal is to help you become more resilient and adaptable so you can seize new opportunity!
Dan’s bio.