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Barry Bratton ADK Website 2020

Barry Bratton, A.A.E.

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Rod Dinger, A.A.E.

It can be a bit stressful for a candidate to consider leaving a job that they enjoy. Candidates find me extremely easy to talk to and helpful with discussing the thought of exploring new opportunities as well the ADK process in general. I enjoy providing valuable feedback and opinions on candidate-to-job matches, work experience and suggested next steps.
My realistic approach draws from my own experiences as an executive level leader in aviation and City government plus my 5 plus years as a recruiter with ADK.  Being former USAF, I also bring a unique perspective and can provide valuable content to those in the military trying to make the transition to civilian airport management.
Finding a work-life balance is important for all of us. With that in mind, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, outdoor sports, traveling and RV camping.

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Dan Sprinkle ADK Website 2020

Dan Sprinkle, A.A.E.

There is nothing more satisfying than mentoring a colleague and seeing them improve and become more successful in their career. I and everyone in the industry have at one time had someone give us advice, guidance and assistance that made a difference and I will never forget that.
When I’m not working you will find me outdoors doing anything except snow skiing (It’s a long story). Hiking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Walking, Pickle Ball, beaches, exploring parks and trails, air and car shows and hanging out with my adult sons.

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