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Consultation Tailored to You

Experience personalized care and attention
that gets you to where you want to go.

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Designed to improve individual, team and organizational effectiveness

Single Select Services

When it comes to résumés, it’s great to have a 2nd and 3rd set of eyes take a look. Our team looks at thousands of résumés and know what is important for employers and what recruiters expect to see. We will review your résumé and work with you to ensure it is professionally written and presents you at your best to give you a competitive edge. Be prepared to share details about what you have contributed and where you are going. We will share tips with you to tailor your résumé for the position you are seeking.

Our consultants review thousands of video interviews and know what dos and don’ts make or break an interview.

After you complete one of our Question Sets, you may want feedback to get extra tips to improve your interview skills for presentation style and content of your answers.

One of our consultants will review your recorded 1-way interview (up to 30 minutes) and schedule a 30 minute consultation with you to give you professional feedback. This service includes one hour includes 30 minute consultant preview of the recording and 30 minute discussion with you via video conference for tips and advice to improve your interview skills. You are on your way to become an excellent interviewer. It takes practice and getting professional feedback speeds up your learning curve.

What is on your mind? Do you need an impartial, experienced professional to bounce ideas off of? Are you seeking career advice? Do you want an experienced consultant to provide a perspective based on what they’ve seen work (or not)? Do you want to explore what it would be like to have someone you can turn to? You can select 1/2 hour or 1 hour consultation.

Select your Experienced Consultant

One of our experienced SHRM certified HR consultants will conduct a live video interview with you after reviewing your résumé and responses to our questionnaire. This practice session helps you “think on your feet” and get professional feedback on your responses and delivery. Better to practice on us than to practice on your real interview for a job.

Is your LinkedIn or Facebook image helping or hurting your career? Is it as professional as it should be if you are looking to improve your ‘brand’? We will review your LinkedIn and Facebook addresses followed up with feedback via a 30 minute video conference.

Select Your Experienced Marketing Consultant

Inclusive Jump Start Professional Growth Program

  • One-on-one focused attention on YOU, YOUR background, YOUR goals
  • Consulting tailored to your background and goals (two 1-hour and four 1/2 – hour consultations)
  • Two assessments: (emotional intelligence and team development) to increase self-awareness and relationships building
  • One-way recorded video with presentation review and professional feedback
  • Communication (written and oral) review, practice and consultation
  • Image/branding review and professional marketing consultation
  • Special assignments based on your goals to be accomplished
  • Leadership & team building training videos
  • Designed to help you problem-solve and find solutions with expert advice
  • A Timeline to fit your schedule